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डुग डुगी- जुलाई 2021


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Working Experience –25 Years of experience in Mass Media and content writing in Hindi.     Literary work- Two books in Hindi. One of them is Jungle mei Tak Dhinaa Dhin, which is a compilation  of 18 stories based on wildlife. Another one is Zindagi ka Tak Dhinaa Dhin. This book is with 7 Stories. These Stories presents the Human lifestyle and the entire system, where we live. Both books are copyright from copyright office Government of India. I am also working on the other two books and short stories. Blog writing and real-time coverage is my passion.    Initiative- Initiate a storytelling platform Tak Dhinaa Dhin. We are working in slums and Government schools. Our aim is to motivate children to write stories. We believe that imagination is must to reach near reality. We are motivating children on our digital platform also. Dugdugi is an other initiative for Creative Kids and Youth. Conducting a pathshaala for Slum's Children. Qualification- B.Sc. (Physics, Chemistry, Math), Bachlor of Journalism and LLB  Core competence- Content writing, Reporting and Editing.

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